Monthly Archives: July 2015

Magic! 24th Jul 15

Even after all these years, I still find this photography lark has an element of magic about it. Here’s yesterday’s shoot for Vue Cinemas: what it looked like in the room vs what that looked like in-camera (not retouched at all – except adding the ‘clean’ floor). Cunning! Very comfy chairs too… (Update Sept 15: I’ve also added the finished posters for comparison)

‘Us & Them’ – behind the scenes 4th Jul 15

I’ve spent a couple of days on set recently, getting some behind the scenes goings-on of this new British movie. A great cast and Director/Produce combo. I was just gutted I couldn’t be there when they set fire to the Rolls Royce! Can’t wait to see the finished film.

Oh I do like the be beside the seaside… 1st Jul 15

Well, that was quite day:¬†got interviewed by local TV, nearly got trapped by the rising tide – had to wade in with camera bag balanced on head and water up to shoulder blades – , then had to go and help some kids swim in – who didn’t actually need any help. Standard. Oh, and we did some work as well – Tesco shoot for Havas Helia.