You call that working? 8th Mar 16

Dream job time: a phone call from the good people at Orchestra in the depths of bleak January meant it was then off to the Caribbean to shoot this Summer’s campaign for the Antiguan Tourist Board. Here’s a selection of the ads, plus some of the folk we met along the way. A degree of rum-drinking may have been involved…

Girls on Film 22nd Sep 15

Beautiful clothes worn by beautiful ladies – what’s not to like? London’s least-fashionable photographer was back at London Fashion Weekend earlier this year, which was fantastic as always. And if that’s not enough, here’s some more recent highlights of a great day’s shooting with the good people of Canon at the Master Shipwright’s House in Deptford. “Lipstick cherry all over the lens…”

The Deer Hunter… 4th Sep 15

Just finished making this ad for the AA, the first of their Autumn campaign for this year. Spent quite a lot of time stalking deer round Bushy Park, being careful not to end up on the pointy end of an antler! We had to buy in the backplate image as we couldn’t shoot our own due to it still being Summer – allegedly, so had to shoot the deer and cars to match. We shot the vehicles and people on a country road, being careful with the light again. All the retouching was done my my own fair hand in-house and the elements have come together really well I think. Strange working with someone else’s background, but a fun project with some unique challenges which I really enjoyed. Looking forward to working on the next ones soon!

More Fashion Action… 5th Aug 15

Here’s some shots from yesterday’s Fashion-related fun and games with Canon CPS. Shot at the The Master Shipwrights House in Deptford, an amazing location that you may recognise from Luther, Layer Cake and many more programmes off the tellybox.. Such a nice change to have a fantastic location and a great couple of models sorted out without having to do it myself! Top day all round really.

Magic! 24th Jul 15

Even after all these years, I still find this photography lark has an element of magic about it. Here’s yesterday’s shoot for Vue Cinemas: what it looked like in the room vs what that looked like in-camera (not retouched at all – except adding the ‘clean’ floor). Cunning! Very comfy chairs too… (Update Sept 15: I’ve also added the finished posters for comparison)